My Thoughts on the Presidency (and the President)

I think we’re all aware that today is a great day in the history of the United States. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican – or neither – you know today is big.

Today our first African-American President was inaugurated. It’s a day to be proud of our nation. The dream of racial equality is coming true. It’s also a day that I find myself a little sad – and more than a little embarrassed – about the state of civil rights in America. What took us so long?

Like millions of Americans, I am ready for change, and President Obama speaks of change my heart longs to see – a change in the way the politics of our government work. (For the sake of full disclosure, let me say that I did not vote for Obama.) A change in the petty arguments, the partisan divisions.

His words are beautiful and paint a portrait of an America I think most of us would love to see – one defined not by consumerism and narcissism, but by generosity and kindness.

But I’m not sure that government-enforced wealth sharing is really the way to go.

And the fact that Obama’s record is extremely pro-choice is terrifying to me.

My prayer is that God will grant him the wisdom to lead our nation and the humility to serve our nation. My hope is that he will be just as great a president as some think he will be.

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