Haiti Earthquake

Dear God,

What can I do?

To see such devastation in a land where the people do not have the money to prepare their homes for natural disaster, where the government infrastructure to offer the people aid does not exist, is too great for my heart to bear.

What can I do?

So many are suffering. So many have died. Children alone in the devastation. Mothers and fathers whose children are gone.

Dear God, what can I do? Please, show me what I can do.

(Image from NPR.)

Thousands of people hurt, dying, dead. Homes, businesses, government buildings destroyed.

The devastation in the tiny nation of Haiti seems endless, and the people are desperate. Aid is needed now. It is coming, but time is of the essence. So, what can we do?

Whatever we can. If you can go, go! Help, feed, attend to, comfort the people in need with your own voice, your own hands and feet, your own arms wrapped around them. They need us!

But many – probably most of us – cannot go. We can still send money, food, and medical supplies to meet the basic needs of these people without basic necessities in the midst of this destruction.

Do whatever you can. Just don’t wait.

If you are – like I was earlier this morning – wondering what exactly you can do, seek out reputable organizations that are helping and help them. If you don’t know where to begin, start here:

Living Water International: Haiti Earthquake Response

Water is one of the Haitian people’s greatest needs at this moment. NPR quotes a Haitian doctor’s assistant as saying, “There’s no water. There’s nothing. Thirsty people are going to die.”

LWI is joining with other water organizations to provide what is needed in this time of tragedy. So, join me in helping them, in the name of Jesus.

If you don’t want to help this way, find another way. But please help.

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